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I’m still here!

I have been really busy lately and the blog has been sadly neglected.

However, I have started drawing classes so maybe can post my progress and tips (so I don’t forget them) here.

There’s also an interesting link about becoming illustrator:

It has several recommendation on books, some exercises and videos..All I need is to efficiently organise my time so I can fit it all in with work and family while still enjoying it and staying sane. I will work on it and hopefully blog will not be so neglected 🙂

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Finally, the September Post!

I got out of practice again, but I can still squeeze September post for the actual month of September.

Here’s the roll:


So medium is: plain pencils (I ended up using one sharp 3B pencil for entire picture)

5 story cubes: apple, magic, lightening, house, masks. They all feel quite familiar, actually :))

I wanted to finish the picture before my husband and son return from their trip to the farmer’s market, so I decide not to overthink it and go with “a house that makes me think of magic and happiness” theme. I skipped the apple 😛

I also decided to step away from “painting entirely from my head” mindset and go a bit easier on myself to let me get back into painting. So I picked a “happy-magic-house” picture from my Flowers Cube Book ( 

Here’s the original picture:



(sorry for bad quality – as I said – trying to be quick! :D)

And this is what my attempt looks like:


Ta-da! It looks a bit less grey in real life and I rather like it. I like how soft pencils feel when they touch the paper and it kind of makes any drawing feel nice. I have battled with the perspective somewhat and correct proportion for the window. I do quite like how my “fuzzy” bunches of flowers turned out.

Overall, I think it was a good way to get back into drawing with just the right amount of challenge.

I have started watercolour classes, so fo the next 12 weeks I have a 2hr slot that is dedicated entirely for painting! yay!

I might write a separate post about classes. Hopefully extra practice will do me good. 


August roll and picture. This time life is straightforward! :)

This gotta be least difficult roll and painting ever. It literally took minutes. It’s not perfect, but it was fun. I also really enjoy smudging pastels with my fingers and see the effects. My most favourite part of the picture are the clouds, I think they turned out really well. The rainbow is not very symmetrical, but it is bright 🙂

So here’s the roll for August:


So this means, one story cube and 1 – pastels.

It’s the first time there was only one story cube clue and what a great one it is…I love rainbows 🙂

So here’s the pic!

I’ll be back in September 🙂


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Where this blog is going?

So I’ve been doing this for a few months now and want to write some kind of summary…How I feel this blog is going and if I want to continue it or not.

Short answers are “ok” and “yes” 😀

The blog does broadly what I wanted it to do – it motivates me and provides a record of my art efforts. So far it looks like a drawing per month is perfectly sustainable. However, I feel that it is not really enough to improve my skills, just enough for me to remember where my art supplies are 😀

I’m not sure now is a good time to commit to more that what I’m doing – I think it’ll probably just kill the blog altogether. So I will finish my “a year of one painting per month” project and reevaluate after 🙂

What are the problems? I don’t mean general time and energy problems, they are not going anywhere any time soon 🙂 I mean what can be improved in my blog?

Firstly, it can be prettier – I can tag better, learn to put proper links in.

Secondly, the quality of photos I take of my drawings can be better. The light is not great and I don’t really know what I’m doing :))

These are the main ones. I choose to do nothing about them at this time because:

a) I don’t really have much readership 

b) I absolutely loathe inserting pictures. I need to just do it a few million times then it’ll hopefully become second nature and I can improve actual picture taking :))

So I will go with “better is the enemy of good” and just try to keep going and see where this will take me…

And I sincerely hope that I will with time figure out how wordpress works 🙂

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July roll and picture :)

I’ve neglected this blog all this month and definitely did not do the “update every Saturday” (like I promised at the very start). Work, holiday away, procrastination and general tiredness led to me not updating…

On the bright side, I think I still want to continue on and my July painting was just completed yesterday 🙂

First things first, here’s the roll for July:


As you can see it is number 3, which makes it coloured pencils picture.

Three story cubes: houseapple and a symbol I understand as “everywhere” 🙂

Since I have not specified type of pencils I went with Inktense ( They are essentially watercolour pencils, but of very bright colours. I think they are really fun and I had kind of silly-cartoony idea for the “house-apple-everywhere” picture. It ended up exactly that…You’ll see what I mean:



Overall I enjoyed making this one 🙂 It has good and bad points as I see it.

Good: It was fun, which is an overall goal. It was also entirely from my head (which I’m working on).

Bad: It does not really stretch my abilities…However after a large break, I think just getting back into drawing is ok for me 🙂

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June picture complete!

So the June picture has been complete for a while, but I still only have a not very good photo of it. I just tried to re-take it, but the light here is terrible and it’s not coming out much better!

So I will post a not-so-good pic, because at least it gives me some sort of sense of accomplishment!

I have selected a “snooze” picture from the June roll and have painted a picture of my little boy and my husband from one of the photos I have.

I think it shows some promise and it was certainly enjoyable to draw! I have made in in sepia sort of tones instead of black and white watercolour I was supposed to. I figured since my last roll was black and white watercolour as well, I’ll try something slightly different…And a warmer colour worked really well.

There’s plenty of work to do on “drawing humans”, but I’m very please with this attempt as it is was sketch-free and still looks decent! 🙂

So here’s a picture of two of my most favourite men 🙂  


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June roll and general update

Look like any time I feel that I’m ahead of schedule, I fall behind again!

I’m busy with work and seem to lack motivation for pretty much everything…Before I get all mopey here’s the roll for June:



so  6 again, meaning b/w watercolours

and LOTS of story cubes: star, lightning bolts, masks, eye, shadow, magnet, building, snooze.

I’m really looking forward to snooze right now…

Hopefully painting soon!

My husband is away and I’m sad :/ maybe some painting will help..

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May Picture complete!

Well this one was FUN!

It took a while to come up with idea…after all bugs and canes don’t normally go together. First I decided I want the bug to be a butterfly. I like butterflies…they are so….pretty and light and carefree-looking. Opposite of me at the moment 🙂

Then I got out my paints (well for this painting I was only using black watercolour) and my pad and…

well, Butterfly Woman just happened. I LOVE when things like this happen. I’m not too sure what I’m painting and then a painting sort of paints itself 🙂 it’s a great feeling and something I want to experience more often as I progress.

There’s a large mirror in front of the table I paint at so I used my face to draw Butterfly Woman’s face. And given that I’m not good at people, I’m actually really proud of how she came out…I still hid her hands and feet though :))

I also really enjoyed this monochrome style of painting…It’s almost like I can concentrate mor eon what I’m doing without the distraction of colour…it’s kind of therapeutic…

well, here she is, the May Painting, the Butterfly Woman:


P.S. did you notice there’s no cane? Well, I warned you that I will not always use all the clues 😛



May sketch update…

Little guy was sick and now I’ve come down with a cold, so no work and no painting got done…In principle I can do it now, because my sweet husband took little guy to visit friends. But I don’t feel that great so I will sip tea, relax and try not to feel guilty about it 🙂

I’m still uncertain what it is that I’m going to draw for the bug and cane thing…The main thing that came to my mind is a butterfly sitting on a branch (aka stick, aka cane 🙂 ), but I might come up with something a bit more adventurous. Like cane=old…we’ll see 🙂

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Roll for May!

Ok, it’s not officially May yet, but given that there seem to be some unexpected gaps in my updates, doing something a bit early seems like a good idea!

so here’s the results of the May roll:


So number 6 – Black and White watercolours

Theme: a bug and a cane (what???)

something to think about 🙂

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