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results of the first roll for painting


2 – Acrylics

Theme: eye, foot print, arrow 

Ouch…will have to think about that one…but playing with acrylics should be fun 🙂

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Hello world!

Hello! I’m Ev and I like art.

I like many things, and I also have a nice husband and a nice but tiring 2 year old son. Oh and a PhD in Astronomy to complete..

So I’ve been having trouble finding time to draw and paint, which makes me sad. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to motivate and organise me into painting more often.

Because the most likely time I paint is in the evening after a long day, I’m usually pretty tired and lack energy necessary for proper imagination..But I also don’t want to copy other people’s art, because (hopefully) I’d like to improve and grow as an artist.

So here’s THE PLAN.

1. I will make ONE drawing/painting a month (realistic targets here, I’d like to do more, but if I can achieve one a month, I’d be happy!)

2. I will select my medium by rolling a 10-sided die (I have those…I like board games :):

1- pastels

2- acrylics

3- non-coloured pencils (I’m sure theres a better name..)

4- coloured pencils

5- watercolours

6- black and white watercolours

7- gouache

8-  any type of pens

9- black and white acrylics

10 – charcoal

3. I will pick a theme by rolling a number of story cubes (here I roll a 10-sided die again. because there are 9 cubes, rolling either 9 or 10 gives me all the cubes). I will be VERY free in my interpretation – remember, the point of the exercise is to help my imagination. So the picture might end up only loosely based on story cubes…or not at all (I seriously doubt that though, at least at the start!).

What are story cubes? These things!

4. I will report my progress at least once a week, probably on Saturday.

5. Once the picture of the month is completed I will post a photograph of it here.

I think that’s it 🙂 Let’s see how it goes!

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