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Status update: ideas for painting

on April 1, 2012

Hi again 🙂

So I did some thinking about what sort of image I want to paint using footprint, arrow and eye. My imagination is still pretty rusty at this point, so I was having difficulty of moving beyond the obvious interpretation (someone looking at a footprint in the sand in a certain direction…yawn 🙂 ).

Fortunately, after chatting with my husband we came up with a rather neat idea: a picture of a ranger, a hunter (or huntress 🙂 ) following a trail. More exciting..

However hugely outside my comfort zone. You see, I draw flowers and landscapes. Sometimes cats. I’m pretty good at flowers and landscapes…people? Oh not so much. But pushing me outside my comfort zone was entire point of this exercise.


Painting for MARCH: a huntress (an archer – arrows!) following a trail.

I will post a sketch once it’s ready 🙂


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