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Finished April Painting!

on April 26, 2012

I have finished it a while ago, but haven’t got around to posting it yet, so here goes:


ta da!

I can’t say I like it very much, in fact I strongly disliked it after I finished it. But since then it sort of grew on me. And (probably more importantly) it was fun to paint it – picking out all the earthy browns and greens and doing the wide strokes.

It is not my usual more realistic sort of detailed painting, I don’t feel like doing though for a while, because it feels less like expression and more like work…And I have enough of that anyway 🙂

My favourite bits of this painting are the Moon and the fire – it is probably not clear on the photo, but they are sort of more 3D in the real life in comparison to all the other stuff in the picture, which for me means that they are the focus of it, what really matters – the Moon and the fire. 

I guess I grew to like this picture because it was satisfying to paint emotion rather than objects, it felt more about, the sense of longing, the loneliness, the waiting of the huntress by the fire and less about exact position of her legs, or where her arms went or if the shadows are falling in all the right places.

I spent several years during my childhood in the art school and I have all those notions of what way things should be done and right and wrong…Which is great and all, but I think I stand a better chance of painting more often and getting better at it if I have more fun…which I do 🙂

Looking forward to rolling again for May! 🙂


PS: there we couple of links in my lost post which I came across when working on my sketch, I think I should find them again and save them.

tutorial for drawing an elven ranger with a bow:

sitting figure and other useful sketches:



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