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June picture complete!

So the June picture has been complete for a while, but I still only have a not very good photo of it. I just tried to re-take it, but the light here is terrible and it’s not coming out much better!

So I will post a not-so-good pic, because at least it gives me some sort of sense of accomplishment!

I have selected a “snooze” picture from the June roll and have painted a picture of my little boy and my husband from one of the photos I have.

I think it shows some promise and it was certainly enjoyable to draw! I have made in in sepia sort of tones instead of black and white watercolour I was supposed to. I figured since my last roll was black and white watercolour as well, I’ll try something slightly different…And a warmer colour worked really well.

There’s plenty of work to do on “drawing humans”, but I’m very please with this attempt as it is was sketch-free and still looks decent! 🙂

So here’s a picture of two of my most favourite men 🙂  


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June roll and general update

Look like any time I feel that I’m ahead of schedule, I fall behind again!

I’m busy with work and seem to lack motivation for pretty much everything…Before I get all mopey here’s the roll for June:



so  6 again, meaning b/w watercolours

and LOTS of story cubes: star, lightning bolts, masks, eye, shadow, magnet, building, snooze.

I’m really looking forward to snooze right now…

Hopefully painting soon!

My husband is away and I’m sad :/ maybe some painting will help..

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