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July roll and picture :)

on August 1, 2012

I’ve neglected this blog all this month and definitely did not do the “update every Saturday” (like I promised at the very start). Work, holiday away, procrastination and general tiredness led to me not updating…

On the bright side, I think I still want to continue on and my July painting was just completed yesterday 🙂

First things first, here’s the roll for July:


As you can see it is number 3, which makes it coloured pencils picture.

Three story cubes: houseapple and a symbol I understand as “everywhere” 🙂

Since I have not specified type of pencils I went with Inktense ( They are essentially watercolour pencils, but of very bright colours. I think they are really fun and I had kind of silly-cartoony idea for the “house-apple-everywhere” picture. It ended up exactly that…You’ll see what I mean:



Overall I enjoyed making this one 🙂 It has good and bad points as I see it.

Good: It was fun, which is an overall goal. It was also entirely from my head (which I’m working on).

Bad: It does not really stretch my abilities…However after a large break, I think just getting back into drawing is ok for me 🙂


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