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Finally, the September Post!

on September 22, 2012

I got out of practice again, but I can still squeeze September post for the actual month of September.

Here’s the roll:


So medium is: plain pencils (I ended up using one sharp 3B pencil for entire picture)

5 story cubes: apple, magic, lightening, house, masks. They all feel quite familiar, actually :))

I wanted to finish the picture before my husband and son return from their trip to the farmer’s market, so I decide not to overthink it and go with “a house that makes me think of magic and happiness” theme. I skipped the apple 😛

I also decided to step away from “painting entirely from my head” mindset and go a bit easier on myself to let me get back into painting. So I picked a “happy-magic-house” picture from my Flowers Cube Book ( 

Here’s the original picture:



(sorry for bad quality – as I said – trying to be quick! :D)

And this is what my attempt looks like:


Ta-da! It looks a bit less grey in real life and I rather like it. I like how soft pencils feel when they touch the paper and it kind of makes any drawing feel nice. I have battled with the perspective somewhat and correct proportion for the window. I do quite like how my “fuzzy” bunches of flowers turned out.

Overall, I think it was a good way to get back into drawing with just the right amount of challenge.

I have started watercolour classes, so fo the next 12 weeks I have a 2hr slot that is dedicated entirely for painting! yay!

I might write a separate post about classes. Hopefully extra practice will do me good. 


2 responses to “Finally, the September Post!

  1. This is a lovely sketch! I am curious about your classes. I’ve always wanted to be more of an artist but am limited to what I can do with a camera or some yarn and knitting needles. I’d love to know more of what you’re learning and what they’re teaching you!

  2. Oh, thanks for dropping in 🙂 I’m really enjoying the classes so far. It’s a lovely atmosphere – an Italian lady is teaching it with some music on in the attic of the nearby arts centre 🙂 We’re currently learning some “wet in wet” watercolour techniques using this artist’s paintings as examples ( We get a sort of step by step demonstration and then help throughout the class. It’s 12 weeks long, so we’re going to go through different styles and techniques.

    Why not try some art? 🙂 If you never done much painting before, I think acrylics is a nice choice – they are very forgiving in a sense that you can paint over the same spot over and over again 🙂

    Your blog is beautiful by the way 🙂

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